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At Empire Healthcare, we provide business owners with profitable exit strategies to either retire, or take their company to the next level.

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For Business Owners Looking To Scale

Looking to grow your Home Care Business? You want to scale but your have only gotten so far on your own…
It may be time for an investment partner to take you business to the next level.

Empire Healthcare concentrates its efforts on acquiring targeted Home Care Agencies in Southeast Florida (specifically Private Duty agencies) and placing them under management with experienced industry operators.

Across the nation, there are thousands of small Owner Operated agencies with Owners contemplating scaling their business to eventually reach retirement and most have no succession plan nor the financial resources to scale because they have limited exit experience and by themselves are below revenue appeal.

Our company helps owners just like you by consolidating this highly fragmented sector by centralizing many operating locations minimizing costs of overhead and creating synergies with centralized billing, case management, marketing, H/R, intake, accounting, and managerial expenses.

We use a consolidation strategy for a collective value far greater than what an owner would receive for their company on its own. An existing owner can potentially exit or strategize their exit and participate in our 24 month consolidation model.

Because we are using this strategy, we can put a greater value towards each location and consequentially reach Sellers goals for their exit.

Contact us today to speak to an expert about investing in your business to take it to the next level. (Completely Confidential)

For Business Owners Looking To Retire

Are you a Home Care Agency or Registry owner? Have you though about retiring but don’t know where to start?

Many “Owner Operated” agencies just like you have contemplated retirement but, most have no succession plan nor the ability to sell because they are completely owner operated and undesirable to most buyers. Most owners are burning out caught up in the daily operations of business and putting out fires and don’t think about a cash-out profitable exit until an emergency appears such as illness, divorce, or loss of a loved one. Leaving them with few options and to sell undervalue.

“Statistics show that less than twenty percent of businesses sell when they are marketed for sale.” That statistic equates to over 80% of businesses never sell when marketed and if they do sell, most sell far below asking price.
Don’t take the risk of letting that happen to you, contact us today to speak to an expert at Empire Healthcare to discuss your options (Completely Confidential).


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