Robert Zankl Sr.


Mr. Zankl semi-retired in 1990 when he decided to stop flying weekly between Detroit and Florida. In 1991 he joined Mr. Jon Ledeckey group (a sports team owner tycoon) and started a business acquisition rollup to take to an IPO. Throughout his time with the Ledeckey group, Robert Zankl completed seven rollups all achieving successful IPO’s. 

“I would travel with two Price Water House accountants, meeting with business owners in our choice area of rollup, I would educate the business owners on the idea of using our process of acquiring their business and taking it public with an IPO to exit from their business. They would know the current stock value of their business at all times and the sellers could see their multiplied value any day the owners want to exit after IPO. The owners were given half cash and half stock at the time of sale. The largest IPO was for over six hundred million ($600,000,000.00) dollars.”

Throughout his career, Mr. Zankl has been involved in a plethora of business enterprises and leadership endeavors such as…
The Military from 1952-1954
GM accounting Dept 1954 to 1958
Ford/Chev. sales management 1958 thru 1965
1965 thru 68 VW Dealer 25% owner 100% management
1968-1990 Sole owner of multiple dealerships (12 manufactures)
1970’s owner of Taboo’s Night Club, Detroit Mi.
1970’s owner of JR Western Night Club, Livonia Mi.
1985-2007 Partner-investor for 8 auto manufactures in Florida. 1970- Signed the 2nd National Franchise for Wendy’s Old Fashion Hamburgs for Michigan.
1979- Signed the 3rd National Franchise with Wendy’s for Sister Chicken and Biscuits.
And has served on a variety of boards.

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